Quality Policy

In order to provide high quality IPs and ASIC design services, Faraday has established distinct quality policies to achieve its goals through continuous improvements:

  • To ensure precise efficiency, by strictly obeying standard operating procedures
  • To constantly improve total quality, by aggressively implementing quality management procedures
  • To stay ahead of customer needs, by constantly scanning the global market for new development
  • To maintain a technological lead, by providing an aggressive commitment to Research and Development.
Quality Certificates
We own several quality certificates and update revisions and renewal from time to time.

Quality Services
Faraday is committed to providing customers with the highest quality R&D and customer services in the industry. Our ISO 9001 certified quality system has been tried, tested, and approved by countless satisfied customers. Every Faraday employee is encouraged to participate in our perpetual drive for improvement.


Daily Commitment To Quality
The guiding principle behind what we do daily at Faraday is to serve our customer's needs. This applies to internal, as well as external operations. Each employee at Faraday is directly, and indirectly, responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is to have each step in every process done right the first time. However, since quality is the ruling principle, we are willing to go an extra mile to reach the highest level of attainable perfection.

Product Quality & Customer Value
Faraday's service excellence is well supported by our quality planning, design control, subcontractor management, quality engineering, and document control systems. We also employ a wide range of quality checks and balances for corrective and preventive maintenance. The combined results of our commitment to quality are streamlined operations and constantly improved services.

Risk Management
As an Asia-Pacific design service leader, Faraday understands the importance of managing risks. Our strategies are concentrated in the counter measure planning in the event of a catastrophe that may seriously interrupt our daily business operations. Faraday is an active participant in all the safety measures set forth by the industry and to a greater extent, safety guidelines from ISO9001.