CDNLive China 2017
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Date August 22, 2017 (Tue) 2:30pm–3:00pm
Venue Kerry Hotel - Ballroom 2
1388 Huamu Rd, Pudong, Shanghai, China
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Session Track 3 – PCB Design and Analysis
Subject: USB 3.0 IBIS-AMI Generation Using Sigrity SystemSI AMI Builder
Speaker: Dr. Arthur Chen, Technical Marketing Director, Faraday Technology (Shanghai)
The traditional IBIS model are widely used SI simulation in PCB because its simulation speed is 2 or 3 order faster than circuit level simulator. For modern multi-giga rate SERDES, the IBIS model is insufficient to meet multi-giga rate SERDES because these IP contains number of arithmetic algorithm blocks, for example, the pre-emphasis, de-emphasis, CRC, AGC, etc. The IBIS-AMI model are proposed by IBIS community that want to solve the insufficiency of traditional IBIS model. The IBIS-AMI model is an executable object code that can be executed by simulator. From the IBIS-AMI document, the compiled object codes are written in C/C++ language. It is very difficult for RD’s due to their background.

In the past years, the IBIS-AMI was needed to co-work with professional SI service company to build up IBIS-AMI model if he wanted to release his IBIS-AMI model. SystemSI is an easy tool to generate IBIS-AMI model in block level design without C/C++ programming and also provide channel simulation features. In this paper, we use our USB 3.x IP as the try run case and use SystemSi to construct our IBIS-AMI generation and channel simulation flow to speed up RD’s design process.