Design Verification

The process of this stage is dedicated to creating a unique design environment identical to customers. Entering to the coding process, your design will be identified constraints and take the necessary logic and physical synthesis downstream.



Legend Description:
The light-colored block : design implementation stage
The dark-colored block :design verification stage


Design Verification
Design Stage Major Task Design Kit/EDA Tool
Design Verification
Delay calculation Faraday fcdc
Faraday fddc
Synopsys PrimeTime
Cadence ETS
  Gate-level simulation Faraday fsim
Cadence NC-Sim
  Formal verification Faraday flec
Cadence Conformal LEC
Synopsys Formality
  Low power verification Faraday flec
Cadence Conformal CLP
  Static timing analysis Faraday fsta
Synopsys PrimeTime
Cadence ETS
  Power calculation Faraday powercat
Cadence EPS
  Stand-by current simulation Faraday fisb
  Test structure verification Mentor Graphics FastScan
Synopsys TetraMax
  Physical verification Mentor Graphics Calibre
  ESD protection checking Faraday fesd
  3D RC extraction Faraday fxrc
Cadence QRC
Mentor Graphics xRC
  Noise analysis Faraday ppg
Cadence ETS
Cadence EPS
Synopsys PriceTime-SI