Analog / Mixed Signal IP

Faraday's process-optimized analog and mixed-signal IPs are suitable for a wide range of applications. Clock generating/de-skewing PLLs provide competitive frequency range and jitter performance. AD/DA converters feature a wide range of resolution and sample rates. Other essential analog/mixed-signal IPs include oscillators, voltage detectors, band gaps, regulators, Power-on Reset (POR), etc.

Faraday delivers leading-edge products that optimize the trade-off among areas, performance, power consumptions to provide the best solution, catering for customers' specific requirements. The categories of Faraday's analog/mixed signal IP families are as below:

  • Analog/Clock
  • Analog/Power
  • Data Communication
  • Data Converter
  • Others

The creation of mixed analog-digital integrated systems demands a global design perspective. Rather than isolated optimization of individual parts, there is a need for a thorough design methodology encompassing a wide variety of disciplines. Hence, to cope with the diversity of modern applications and the need to optimize customer-orientated solutions, Faraday develops the architecture and a broad variety of functional and circuit design techniques to provide high-performance analog and mixed-signal functionality for system-on-chip integration covering various applications in the semiconductor market.