UrLib+™ Add-on Library

The Critical Package for ASIC Success

Faraday UrLib+™ is an add-on library package for the third-party library on UMC 40LP process technology. Based on Faraday’s extensive ASIC production experience, UrLib+™ features extra sets of cells for optimized PPA (Power/Performance/Area), yield controllability, noise reduction clock cells, robust ESD protection, and lower ECO cost over the traditional physical libraries.


No extra cost but additional benefits with UrLib+™

  • Seamless integration
  • Lower ECO costs
  • At-speed testability support
  • Robust ESD protection
  • Process variation monitoring
  • Further PPA optimization
    • 4% - 11% chip size reduction
    • ~43% saving in clock tree power through MBFF