Peripheral IP

Faraday provides a comprehensive set of peripheral IPs for AMBA-based SoC design, including high-speed interface controller, memory controller, system controller and companion IPs. All IPs are fully compatible to AMBA 2.0 and AMBA 3.0 protocol. And all IPs have passed Faraday's strict verification flow to ensure of the high-quality and bug-free before delivery.

In addition to full compatibility and high quality, Faraday's IP also provides flexibility for users to configure IP function before synthesis. Faraday's high-quality IP solution provides easy SoC construction to reduce designers' time and effort and meet system requirement.

Time-to-market is a key factor to SoC success. With Faraday's expertise in SoC design, we can help customers to win the market by reducing the barrier of SoC integration, and speed up the whole process even starting from spec. definition.

The following is an example illustrating Faraday's comprehensive IP portfolio for a SoC design.