Enabling Scalable SoC Design with Faster Time-to-Market

Faraday FIE3240 FPGA platform is built with XILINX Kintex7-325T/410T FPGA, offering an easy approach for developing Cortex-M or RISC-V CPU cores based SoC designs. By providing essential expansion interfaces and connectors, the reprogrammable FIE3240 platform helps designers verify their large-scale logic designs and integrate peripheral IP efficiently.

Hardware Features

  • Supports PCIe-to-PCIe interconnection
    • High-speed Type-C connector
    • FPGA2FPGA, FPGA2ASIC communication
    • Be able to connect to another FIE3240 or A500 platform
    • Easy to customize and generate by Xilinx® Vivado® Design Suite
  • Provides industry-standard expansion interfaces
    • Enables USB3, MIPI, GPHY, DDR functions
  • Supports multiple voltage IO bank (1.8V/2.5V/3.3V)
  • Provides essential board components: SPI flash, I²C, STUART, Ethernet, USB, LCM, etc.


Software Features

  • Provides development tools
    • Keil MDK-ARM, IAR, Eclipse CDT, Green Hills MULTI
  • Provides rich SDK/BSP
    • Rich device drivers and examples for each peripheral device
    • FreeRTOS and Keil RTX
    • USB stack, file system, LwIP, MP3/JPEG decoder, etc.
  • Supports Flash programming
  • Provides hardware-based secure boot


FIE3240 Development Environment