• World’s first ISO 26262 certified ASIC service company
  • Announced world’s smallest footprint 40eHV and 40LP SRAM compiler
  • World’s First Automotive ASIC Qualified for AEC-Q100 and AEC-Q006
  • Launched Its new FPGA-to-ASIC turnkey service
  • Launched SoReal!TM 2.0 Virtual Platform to support early SoC software development


  • MIPI IP Subsystem Shipment up to fifteen million
  • Awarded SGS ISO 9001 Plus Award: QMS Competence Management Benchmark
  • Delivered 12.5G SerDes PHY & V-by-One PHY on UMC 28nm HPC process
  • Announced Uranus™ SoC Development Platform on 55ULP eFlash process


  • Delivered a complete set of UMC 55nm eFlash cell libraries and memory compilers
  • Announced its silicon-proven imaging subsystem consisting of a single combo PHY IP of MIPI, LVDS, sub-LVDS, and HiSPi


  • Delivered a complete set of UMC 28nm cell libraries and memory compilers
  • Provided the complete family of ARM development tools with the newly-distributed ARM Keil tools
  • First 28nm ASIC project tapeout


  • Strengthening its ASIC Design Service Sales Network North America with 10 more agents
  • Announced its Dual-core Cortex-A9-based SoC Platform to accelerate SoC Development in Cloud Computing
  • Announced Its Silicon Proven & Seamless Integrated MIPI CSI-2, DSI Controller & PHY IPs
  • President Newly Elected as One of GSA's APAC Leadership Council Members
  • Awarded National TrainQuali Prize - Special Prize


  • Delivered a 340 million gate-count SoC at 40nm process node, proving the leading technology and service capabilities
  • Extended license for ARM® Cortex™-A9 processors and Mali™-400 MP GPUs to strengthen its SoC design service
  • Optimized a complete IP portfolio for UMC processes ranging from 0.11um to 28nm nodes
  • Achieved the yearly record-high revenue by USD 274 million


  • Joined with customers to unveil its complete USB 3.0 solutions and achievement by the attentive Y2011 USB 3.0 Forum
  • Introduced its high-performance IQ ADC/DAC IP solutions for wireless communications in 55nm
  • Migrated into 40nm process by assisting its customer with the 4G base station ASIC design
  • Cooperated with Fresco Logic to launch its 4-port USB 3.0 host controller chip


  • Assisted the customer to get the certification of USB 3.0 host controller
  • Introduced its high-performance 1GHz ARMv5 compliant processor - FA726TE
  • From PHYs to device controllers, all Faraday's USB 3.0 solution got certified with logo on products
  • Announced the most competitive USB 3.0 PHY in UMC 0.11um aluminum process


  • SATA3 PHY & controller first to achieve compliance in UMC's 90nm process technology
  • Offered 55nm/65nm miniIO™ with around 40% area-saving and robust ESD performance
  • Launched the low-leakage memory with up to 90% leakage-reduction
  • Pioneered to launch the USB 3.0 PHY in UMC 0.13um
  • Launched PCIe2.0 at 90nm with passing the compliance test
  • Offered 0.13um miniIO™ with around 40% area-saving and robust ESD performance


  • Offered the miniaturized cell library miniLib™ in both 90nm and 65nm
  • Partnered with Fresco Logic to validate SuperSpeed USB PHY (USB 3.0) with SuperSpeed Digital xHCI host and device controller
  • Announced the first commercially available 1GHz memory compiler to enable GHz CPU & SoC designs in UMC 90nm
  • Launched SiP design service
  • Offered the first memory compiler in UMC 65nm LL process


  • Introduced the ARMv5 compliant ultra low power core - FA606TE
  • Introduced next generation ARMv5 compliant high performance processor - FA626TE
  • Launched silicon-proven DDR2 memory physical interface IP
  • Introduced repairable memory development system - REMEDE™
  • Implemented ultra small ARM926EJ-S™ hard core in UMC 0.13µm process
  • Launched FIE7020 audio platform solution targeting portable audio applications
  • Received the Frost & Sullivan Award for "Customer Service Innovation" in the area of VLSI design services
  • Expanded its commitment to ARM with V5TEJ and 926EJS licenses


  • Faraday Introduced a New MP3 Player SoC - FIE7010 HD-based Audio Platform Solution
  • Faraday and ICL jointly Developed a Dual Application SOC Platform for Network Surveillance and Network TV Industries
  • Faraday Reaffirms its Commitment to Structured ASIC Business
  • Faraday's MDTCP Successfully Cuts Into Small-to-medium-sized Display Market


  • Moved into a new office building for business expansion and staff/resources congregation
  • Awarded "R & D Accomplishment Award" by Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan
  • Announced 0.18µm Ultra-High-Density Silicon IP platform - "miniIP™"
  • Unveiled the fastest Time-to-Market Structured ASIC for peripheral interface chips - "PeripheralComposer"
  • Introduced industry's smallest USB 2.0 PHY IP
  • Announced low power dissipation platform solution - "PowerSlash™"


  • Introduced its first silicon-proven TFT LCD T-CON Platform "FT-300"
  • Awarded "The Most Outstanding Award of Industrial Technology Advancement" by MOEA, R.O.C.
  • Announced its first generic platform "SoCreative!™"
  • Introduced a series of most integrated and application focus platforms, including Internet/Audio/Video/Wireless platforms.
  • Awarded "2004 Technology Fast 500 in Asia Pacific" by DeloitteTouche Tohmatsu (DTT)
  • Awarded "Outstanding Financial Performance Fabless Company" by FSA


  • Launched the 2nd ARM based CPU core "FA526"
  • Introduced USB OTG IP
  • Introduced Structured ASIC technology "MPCA"
  • Introduced its first SoC platform solution "IA-Composer™"
  • Introduced 0.18µm IPs for "Serial ATA II PHY" and Controller


  • Launched its first ARM based CPU Core "FA510"
  • Developed a full portfolio of comprehensive IPs for UMC 90nm process and beyond


  • Certified as "ARM Design Center"
  • Set up Europe & China office
  • Introduced 0.13µm libraries for UMC process


  • Set up Japan office
  • Awarded "The Best New Company of the Year" by Asia Money Magazine


  • 1999 -Listed on Taiwan Security Exchange (TAIEX:3035)
            -Awarded "Design Company with the Most Potential" by Business Weekly Magazine
            -Awarded "The Best New Company of the Year" by Asia Money Magazine
  • 1998 -Began providing world-class silicon Intellectual Properties (IPs)
  • 1997 -ISO 9001 certified
  • 1995 -Set up US office
  • 1993 -Founded in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan
            -The first fabless ASIC design service provider in Asia