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Faraday Launches Its New FPGA to ASIC Turnkey Service
High performance, competitive cost, and stable product supply
Hsinchu, Taiwan, Aug. 30 2017

Faraday Technology Corporation (TWSE: 3035), a leading ASIC design service and IP provider, today announced its turnkey FPGA to ASIC conversion service. This service was introduced to meet increasing demand from customers who require a lower BOM cost, lower power consumption, higher integration for miniaturization, and long-term supply commitments, and as a means to respond to FPGA end-of-life events.

Faraday has successfully implemented many FPGA conversion projects with great results. Applications include industrial motor control, water meters, digital billboards, POS terminals, and portable medical devices, each case delivering more competitive performance at dramatically reduced cost.

In addition to more than two decades of ASIC and SoC integration experience, Faraday possesses over 3000 self-developed IP and IP subsystems to support FPGA IP replacement or customization within the FPGA to ASIC conversion process. Moreover, Faraday created an IP function specifically targeted at enabling FPGA conversion dubbed the “MPS” (Micro-Program Sequencing), a control engine IP used to customize a FPGA design or multiple chips/components into a single ASIC or SoC, while maintaining original design fidelity, quickly and efficiently. Such conversion from multiple FPGA chips to a single ASIC device enables lower system BOM cost.

“We see the ASIC cost-parity threshold often being over-estimated as foundry technology advances. Customers often under-estimate the life-time usage quantity of FPGA in their products, resulting in high costs over the long run,” said Flash Lin, COO of Faraday Technology. “Faraday is confident that our proven FPGA to ASIC conversion service will serve as an effective alternative to FPGA users demanding better system performance, lower cost, and stable supply that Faraday provides all of our customers ”, he added.

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