28nm HPC ASIC One-stop Shopping
Driving Turn-key Design Service Innovation

Faraday is the leading ASIC vendor who provides cost competitive solutions based on UMC's 28nm process. 28nm HPC (High Performance Compact) process with High-k/metal gate stack is the mainstream technology for ASIC design and IP service in Faraday.

With the enhancement of electron mobility performance, UMC’s 28nm HPC is ideal and expected to be long-lasting for the applications that require high performance and low power consumption. Faraday currently supplies the largest silicon verified IP portfolio over UMC process platforms. The addition of 28nm HPC IP offerings marks the two companies’ expanded collaboration in bringing leading-edge IP solutions to meet SoC design requirements.

Faraday’s solutions support a wide range of products such as networking ICs, portable devices, set-top box AP, DSC, and special applications like bitcoin mining machine.