28nm HPC Solution

Faraday, the leading fabless ASIC/SoC and IP provider, is the long term partner of UMC for alpha site of process developing with more than two decades. To accompany and combine UMC's leading-edge process models and technologies in early stage has enabled us to develop the fundamental IPs before the process has been released. Meanwhile, UMC can enhance the process receipt and simulation models to get better results of performance and leakage for ASIC implementation according to Faraday's IP silicon results. Seeing that 28nm process node is the main stream for DSC, MFP and networking application at present day, Faraday has successfully extended advanced nodes collaboration with UMC from 40nm into 28nm generation that aims to provide high performance, low power solutions for customers to lower the integration risk and shorten the time-to-market.

UMC is one of the only two foundries to have the Gate-Last HKMG technology. With the enhancement of electron mobility performance, UMC's 28nm HPC is ideal and expected to be long-lasting for the applications that require high performance and low power consumption. Currently, 28nm HPC is in mass production for multiple products. UMC's 28nm HPC supports GDS compatible to industry HPC process, and with featuring of that NMOS can optimize +5% efficiency beyond industry. Furthermore, for power safety concerned, 28nm HPC can reach at least 30% improvement in A72-Core higher than industry performance.

Better Transistor Performance


Lower Iddq ( ARM A72)