Production Service

To ensure the best product yield rate, Faraday has an experienced production engineering/fault analysis team. Customers can also trace the design and manufacturing status on real time through a dedicated online protocol.

Production Engineering Service
Faraday's professionals, along with our well-equipped laboratories, provide full production engineering services to help our customers develop and manufacture the most sophisticated products.

Shuttle Bus Service
As wafer fabrication geometries and chip design technologies migrate towards submicron level, cost of producing an IC device is becoming exponentially higher. To help reduce the cost associated with this necessary but expensive process, Faraday has launched a wafer shuttle service that allows the designer to access UMC's process at a reasonable price.

By combining multiple customer designs on a single mask set, the cost for each customer becomes only a fraction of the total cost. This allows the customers to validate and optimize their designs on more advanced technologies with affordability. If you are interested in becoming a shuttle bus passenger or need more detailed information, please contact us.

Faraday's "Rainbow and Corner Wafers"
All Faraday's IPs have been silicon proven and specially optimized for UMC processes. Furthermore, Faraday applies "rainbow and corner wafers" rule for ASIC projects to verify the gap between SPICE simulation and real silicon, in order to decide the most optimized condition for mass-production.




Manufacturing Partners & Faraday's Logistic Services

Faraday provides affordable prices, competitive cycle time through the strong relationships with the worldwide first tier partners in each production stage to ensure best quality, abundant capacity, and on-time delivery.

The projects or WIP status can be easily traced via Faraday's eService online system, also, the packing list, shipping information and the invoice will be sent to the customers automatically once a shipment is completed, so the customers can arrange the following production or verification schedule accordingly.


eService™ System

Faraday's eService is a web-based service tool designed for customers who wish to keep track of their project progress and/or download technical documents. This powerful tool provides an easy access to the customers for their project status check from tape-out to product shipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Benefits for Customers
By choosing Faraday's production operation, our customers can enjoy the following benefits

  • Full visibility of production progress
  • On-site analytic engineering support
  • Continuous yield improvement
  • Single window services for all production issues
  • On-time delivery
  • In-depth fab capacity forecast
  • Backed by highest quality control