1-Port Register File

Updated On:2018-07-18
Faraday IPs are rated according to the IPs’ maturity and customer acceptance. They are graded by the rules described as below,

Platinum P Five (5) productions verified
Gold G Mass production proven
Silver S Silicon proven, Formal release
Silver Minus S- Manufacturing onging
Bronze B Pre-Silicon release
Memory Compiler > 1-Port Register File
> 6TSRAM > High Density 1PRF, 6TSRAM, Power Gating 
Cell Name Descriptions Type Process Gradation Literature
FSF0F_L_SY UMC 55nm EFLASH Process ULL One Port Register File Memory_IP 55nm Bronze
FSF0L_L_SY UMC 55um LP Low-K process One Port Register File compiler Memory_IP 55nm Silver
FSJ0C_L_SY UMC 28nm HPC Logic process PG One Port Register File Memory_IP 28nm Silver Minus