Faraday's automated platform-based design tool, Integration Express, is designed to help customers in high-end design with fine verification environment and the complete FPGA reference database. 
Integration Express facilitates the design in four aspects:

  • Integrate IPs
  • Generate test bench and constraint files
  • Generate RTL integration and test bench for FPGA verification
  • System control and clock generation module customization


Chip Integration

The chip integration service is developed to solve the complex integration issue for customer. Once the design database is completed, Faraday starts to generate the whole chip RTL design via the automatic integration tool; it takes about only three weeks for typical designs.



Test Bench Creation

With the design database, the verification environment can be generated quickly and reliably to ensure all IP circuits properly connected. It will be completed simultaneously with the Integration.


FPGA Generation

After design integration, Faraday will help generate FPGA reference database based on customer's requirement; it takes one week for typical designs.

Design Customization

Faraday will provide customization service of the system control and clock generation modules to customer; it takes three weeks for typical designs.