Faraday's complete and flexible engagement model allows customers to hand off projects starting from the specification definition or GDS-in; Faraday can take over the whole design flow to mass production. We support the designs from legacy to FinFET processes, collaborating with the strategic foundry partners of Intel, Samsung and UMC. Customers can adopt the most advanced process technologies as well as cost-effective solutions for a wide range of applications.

Faraday's ASIC design service is in conjunction with a comprehensive IP portfolio which includes more than 4,000 in-house IPs along with IP customization service to meet customer's specific requirements. In addition, with solid IP experience of management, integration and verification, Faraday also manages high-quality 3rd-party IPs addressing wide ranges of applications.

Faraday has completed more than 2,500 projects and delivered hundreds of million chips, establishing strong partnerships with worldwide semiconductor providers.