To make the highly-integrated system, SoC designer are requested to be equipped with expertise in wise of IP itself, IP integration, IP verification, and HW/SW co-design of system level instead of chip level only. With over 20 years of SoC service dedication, Faraday has developed the platform based SoC solutions, including SoC design tools and ready-to-go platforms, which have facilitated many SoC success cases, including the SoC projects of networking application with hundreds of million gate-count complexity.

Faraday SoC design service specially comprises the professional consultation by experienced engineers involved at the initial specification stage all the way to mass production. It helps to shorten the implementation hours at each stage.

  • Architecture Exploration
  • Integration Express
  • Verification Express
  • In addition, Faraday provides a virtual platform right after the system specification confirmed to make concurrent hardware and software development possible for customers’ shorter time-to-market.