Simplifying SoC Development with Comprehensive ASIC Service

Faraday provides the total ASIC turnkey service based on UMC's 28nm HPC/HPC+ and 22nm ULP/ULL processes, including efficient ASIC design flow to shorten APR schedule, platform-based SoC integration service, and comprehensive IP solutions. By leveraging Faraday’s ASIC design capability, customers can shorten the chip design cycle time along with low-risk and cost-effective advantages for a wide range of applications.


28nm ASIC Success

Faraday keeps demonstrating its ability to help worldwide customers achieve ASIC success. These successful projects cover multiple applications, which include AI edge computing, internet of things (IoT), data storage, security, multi-function printer (MFP), UHD projector, camera, networking, blockchain, airborne, and industrial system.


28nm Silicon IP Solution

In addition to Faraday’s provides self-developed comprehensive IP solutions and seamless IP customization services to lower design risk for customers, the service of 3rd-party IP licensing is also available. These in-house IP products include high-speed I/O, cell library, memory compiler, LPDDR4/3, DDR4/3, MIPI D-PHY, V-by-One, USB 3.1/2.0, PCIe gen 3, 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet, and 28G programmable SerDes.

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Comprehensive Design Enablement

From spec-in to GDSII-in, Faraday's flexible business engagement model allows customers to check-in at various design phases in maximizing ASIC implementation efficiency. Faraday's design methodology adopts leading-edge EDA tools as well as proprietary utilities to form a streamlined process for today's ASIC design; it features feasibility analysis, timing closure solutions, power-integrity solutions, signal-integrity solutions, reliability solutions, package thermal analysis, testability solutions, design for manufacturability, and low-power solutions, etc.


System-level Design Service


Faraday platform based services allow customers to begin hardware and software development well in advance of the completed silicon. The featured SoCreative!V™ A500 SoC development platform offers an easy approach for developing ARM core-based SoC designs, helping customers verify their own logic designs on the proven system architecture, and enable seamless function verification and develop software in the early stage.


FPGA-to-ASIC Conversion Service

Faraday's FPGA-to-ASIC conversion service was introduced to meet the requirements of lower BOM cost, lower power consumption, higher integration for miniaturization, long-term supply commitments, as well as a strategic response to FPGA End-of-Life (EOL) events. Faraday's FPGA-to-ASIC conversion service can consolidate multiple FPGAs/components all while increasing functionality, maintaining equivalency, and improving efficiency.


Advanced Packaging

Faraday works with industry leading partners in advanced package technology. Through the cooperation, we offer the packaging service to integrate 3rd party KGD (known good die) into single packages, using so-called SiP (system in package) technology to provide smallest footprint SoCs. Faraday has been integral in helping our partners pioneer and develop industry standard SiP implementation flows, test methodologies, and failure analysis (FA) detection/resolution techniques.


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